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Located in north-west Chambal region, Bhind is a part of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The region is famous for its ravines, fertile land and dense forests. Named after the respected Saint Bhindi Rishi, who lived near the bank of Lake Gauri Sarovarand the city is well drained by the Chambal and Sind rivers thus leading to a very fertile soil. Since ages it is known for its mysterious Chambal valley. The rugged terrains, ravines & dense forests has always been an attraction for filmmakers in bollywood and many hindi movies were shot here, with many characters, subjects & stories based on the dacoits & life of Chambal Valley. Today Bhind is fast growing into a well- developed, dynamic & modern city with lots of potential in terms of economic growth. People from all parts of the country come to the city thus giving it a multi-cultural & cosmopolitan envoirment. One can find markets, fast food joints & cinema halls spread across the city.

Bhind: Past & Present

Named after the Hindu saint Vibhandak Rishi or Bhindi Rishi, Bhind has an intresting history dating back to hundreds of century. If we explore the history of this intriguing city, it is found that the region was ruled by Yadu, the son of King Yayati during the Vedic period. At the start of the Mahabharat Era, Chedi King Shishupal took control over the region and ruled it till the advent of King Yadav Krishna who established the Yadav rule in Bhind region. The Chedi dynasty ruled during the Mahajanapada period. Chandels the might warriors became the rulers of the region for a considerable period till they were defeated by Royal Rajput Rajawa, and brought the region under Chauhan Dynasty.

Valuable informations on Bhind

The Mughal rule continued till the beginning of 18th century, after which the region came under the rule of Holkar/Scindia dynasty. After independence Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India formally formed the State of Madhya Bharat on 28 May 1948 with Scindia and Holkar appointed as Rajpramukh and Up-Rajpramukh, respectively. Later the state was divided into six districts, Bhind being one of them. When reorganisation of states happened the Madhya Bharat State was added to Madhya Pradesh on 1 November 1956. After attaining Independence Jhind has been constantly progressing in terms of infrastructure and facilities.

Geography & Climate of Bhind

Geography of Bhind

Endowed with a beautiful & picturesque landscape Bhind District lies at 26°36' N latitude and 78°46' E. longitude. It is marked with uneven terrains, ravines, fertile fields and forests. With a total area of 4,459 km², the district has Chambal, Kali Sind, Kunwari or Kwari, Pahuj and Baisali rivers flowing through it. The rivers form a canal system thus providing excellent drainage to the fertile plains of the district. The city witnesses a dry hot climate. Summers season is extremely hot with temperature ranging from 30°C to 45°C from the months of March to June. There is abundant rainfall during the rainy season bringing in greenery & freshness all around. In winters the climate is cool with the temperature ranging from 17°C to 25°C, and the months from October to March are the best time to visit the city.

Places to Visit in Bhind

Bhind is one of the important districts of Madhya Pradesh and is a major tourist attraction for people coming from far & wide. Endowed with historical monuments, religious temples, free flowing rivers & wildlife sanctuaries Bhind has a lot to offer to the tourists. There are many engaging sight- seeing locations present in and around Bhind which make it a must place to visit. So plan a trip to Bhind and have a enjoyable and memorable trip. From beautiful historical monuments to religious destinations you can find all and more in this part of Madhya Pradesh.
About Bhind
  • Chhatri of Malhar Rao Holkar, Alampur
  • Shri Rawatpura Dham
  • Fort of Ater
  • Jain temples
  • Mata Renuka Temple
  • Narad Dev Temple
  • National Chambal (Gharial) Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Gohad Fort
  • Sun Temple
  • Ancient Dandraua Temple
  • Jamana Wale Hanuman Ji
  • Malanpur

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Festivals in Bhind

Bhind is a perfect example of cultural diversity of which India is so famous for. The people of Bhind celebrate all festivals with great fervour & joy. Holi, Id, Diwali, Dusshera, Ram Navmi, Rakhsha Bandhan, Christmas, etc. are some of the most popular festivals celebrated in Bhind. Shivaratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Janmashtami, Nag Panchami, etc. are the other festivals which are celebrated with much enthusiasm. Local residents of the area celebrate their traditional festivals with much fan-fare & try to keep their customs alive. Children are encouraged to participate in these festivals so that the rich traditions going on in the families can be passed on to the next generation.

Bhind - Art and Culture

Bhind District is majorly a Rajput and Brahman dominated region and depicts a perfect blend of modernism blended with an old world charm. The local residents are engaged in their local art & craft which has a rich influence of Bundeli and Braj cultures. Traditional music is played on special occasions, festivals & weddings and people dance & enjoy with much fervour & enthusiasm. The people of Bhind District have attained success in their respective felids by their exemplary hard-work while retaining their traditional values & culture. Read More......

Transportation in Bhind

Informations on Bhind

Being well connected via Rail, Air and Road routes, it is easily accessible from all parts of India. The nearest airport from Bhind is the Gwalior airport situated at a distance of 63.5 kms. Regular flights can be taken from here to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kanpur, Indore, etc. A network of roads & highways including Etawah Gwalior State Highway connect Bhind with surrounding places and to cities across India. Easily available modes of transport are available to travel across the city like State & private run buses, taxis, private vehicles, etc. Bhind Railway Station with the code BIX connects the city to other major cities like Gwalior, Indore, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ganganagar, Dehradun, Allahabad, Jammu, Meerut, etc. either directly or indirectly. Some of the main trains plying from Bhind are Bhind - Gwalior Passenger, Bhind - Indore Express, Bhind - Kota Passenger, etc.

Shopping in Bhind

Bhind offers a number of shopping options both for the high-end & the budget tourists. Sadar Shopping Bazaar & Bara Bazaar are some of the popular markets of Bhind where one can shop for different products ranging from local arts & craft items, beautiful traditional clothes to things of daily needs. The noisy & narrow lanes of the bazaar are filled with beautiful & unique items. Enjoy local delicacies at the many restaurants & eating joints present in the market.

Bhind at a glance

Country: India
State: Madhya Pradesh
District: Bhind
Location: 26°36' N and 78°46' E
PIN: 477001
Telephone Code: 7534
Official Language: Hindi

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